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"Won't You Take Me To Funkytown?"
2010-Jul-2 14:30

SCORE: 14:55 Minute Video of Janet Jade

Janet Jade. The name brings tears of joy to the eyes of many SCORE Men. 38DDD is a goal many women spend lots of time and money to reach and never do. Janet is blessed by nature and she knows and appreciates it. Playing for the first time anywhere, this groovadelic Janet Jade video "Won't You Take Me To Funkytown?" is a boobie-jiggling, booty-shaking go-go dance party mix for the sophisticated, finger-snappin' hepcats of the Boob Generation. Janet, the sexiest top-popper in all of motor city Detroit, funks it up in more ways than you can dream of. "I really didn't start to like my boobs until I started dancing when I was 19," sez Janet. "Then I realized how much guys liked them, and the attention was good." Dance, Janet! Dance!

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Lillian Faye In The Can Can Room
2010-Jul-1 14:30

SCORE: 14:37 Minute Video of Lillian Faye

Lillian Faye is one of the all-time slimmest naturally-big boobed girls to ever be in SCORE. Only a few others come close. A Ukrainian girl living in Israel named Mariana was nearly as slim as Lillian. Lillian's bod is perfect for corset wearing as well as corset training. She admires herself in the dressing room mirror before masturbating with a transparent jelly toy shaped in a series of balls. At one poitn, Lillian gets nearly all seven inches of it up her pussy. Very impressive! It was orgasm city in the SCORE dressing room that day!

Lillian Faye In The Can Can Room Lillian Faye In The Can Can Room

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Crystal Gunns' First SCORE Video
2010-Jun-30 14:30

SCORE Classics: 16:59 Minute Video of Crystal Gunns

This is Crystal's very first SCORE video. In the beginning, Crystal was more comfortable with still picture posing than video modeling but in time she grew to become truly relaxed, comfortable and ultra-sexy in front of the video cam. "I had just started modeling and dancing in 2001," Crystal said. "What happened was, I had liked the way SCORE treated me. I liked the studio. The pay was good, of course. And I had a bad experience with another photographer, and I didn't want to go through it again. I was comfortable at SCORE. There was nobody else I could trust, so I just stayed with SCORE, to be honest. I'm not putting down any other photographers. I just wanted to be comfortable." Later on, Crystal got her own column in SCORE called The Gunns Show from October 2006 to October 2008 and she did a great job. "I think once I got my column in SCORE and I started writing, I became more popular. A lot of people read that column. They want to find out what's going on the road, and they get pictures that are not glammed up like they usually get in SCORE magazine or another men's magazine. It's more real to them, and once I started doing that, people started paying attention to me again. It's like I was a bigger part of SCORE." Oddly enough, Crystal telephoned the SCORE office as this video was being uploaded. She always did have psychic talents.

Crystal Gunns' First SCORE Video Crystal Gunns' First SCORE Video

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Wet Tee Beach Bunny
2010-Jun-29 14:30

Voluptuous: 13:48 Minute Video of Karina Hart

Karina Hart of has fun in the sun and on the beach! Winner of SCORE's Model of the Year contest, Karina has emassed a huge following since her debut. "I used to go to clubs a lot more, when I was in school," says Karina. "I still like to dance, but now I like more to go to some bar to talk with my friends and maybe have a beer or a glass of wine. I am probably not as wild as I used to be! I guess some people might say I was, but I don't think so. I mean, I have always enjoyed sex since the first time I had it, and I think about it a lot, but I do not jump into bed with every man I see. I guess I am wild compared to many other girls because how many girls take off their clothes and masturbate in front of the camera? Not many, I am sure!" More power to Karina Hart! Check out her website.

Wet Tee Beach Bunny Wet Tee Beach Bunny

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Violet Goes For A Ride
2010-Jun-28 14:30

40 Something: 11:37 Minute Video of Violet Vanderson

Violet Vanderson is a lounge singer. Violet posed because "it's another way of performing, except I'm performing with my body instead of my voice. I guess you could say I'm a showoff. I love being the center of attention. I know I have a good body, especially for my age, and I want to show it off, just like I want to show off my voice." Here Violet goes for a little ride. There's nothing like a drive in the country. "I masturbate all the time,??? she says. "My sexual fantasy is to be a love slave.??? Let's hope she can make her fantasy a reality.

Violet Goes For A Ride Violet Goes For A Ride

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Taylor's Tropical Titillation
2010-Jun-25 14:30

Voluptuous: 12:33 Minute Video of Taylor Steele

Taylor Steele is one of the best new discoveries of 2010. She's from Canada and does Canada proud. She talked about her life now that she is famous from her SCORE appearances. "Some people have come up to me and approached me about my SCORE modeling, which can be strange sometimes. I don't mind that because they're always nice about it, but I like to separate the two sides of me. The Taylor you see in the magazines and videos does have a lot in common with the real me, especially the horny me. But there's also a me that the world doesn't see. I like to cook and clean in my free time and hang out with my kittens and make and edit videos. I'm pretty boring. I would much rather stay home and make soup then go out and party. I like to be productive."

Taylor's Tropical Titillation Taylor's Tropical Titillation

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"Drill My Juicy Peach!"
2010-Jun-24 14:30

BootyLicious: 14:32 Minute Video of Georgia Peach

Georgia Peach is 5'2", 128 pound and measures 34-27-36. Her ass is not like your average white chick's bottom. She has an ass like Sara Jay. Big, round, juicy and firm. Georgia gets the cock of Johnny Rod right in her fuckin' asshole. Zoom! Bang! To the moon, Georgia! "What satisfies me best is laying on my back and the guy slamming his dick into my pussy and ass. First, he should build up the motion first. I do special ass stretching exercises first before I have anal sex. This is so it can get in there nice without hurting. Men are always complimenting me on my butt and the guys I date always want to fuck me in my ass. That's cool because I love it. I had fun roller skating and Johnny was a dirty man. He had a good cock, thick like I like it. Boy, he really had to stuff it in!"

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Via Paxton In Mexico
2010-Jun-23 14:30

Voluptuous Classics: 27:23 Minute Video of Via Paxton

When SCORE publisher John Fox, a man with decades of experience in megaboob model mania, saw snaps of Via in 1999, he knew that big-boobed fandom had a new winner. Via Paxton's photos were sent to SCORE by a reader C.S. He approached Via at a Barnes & Noble bookshop in Chicago, Illinois, her town. He had courage. The young lady didn't tell the stranger to get out of her face. The rest is history. Via became a hugely popular girl. Via measures 44-28-38, wears a 38E bra, stands 5'8", and 142 lbs. so it was easy to see why she swept us away. She was often photographed in Florida and later in Mexico for a SCORELAND special. Here's Via in Mexico, having fun and getting down in her bikini! This vid includes a short interview. We often wonder how Via's doing these days.

Via Paxton In Mexico Via Paxton In Mexico

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Kara Auditions For A Dancing Job
2010-Jun-22 14:30

BootyLicious: 19:24 Minute Video of Kara Kane

Idiot janitor Culton Jagoff dreams of trading in his filthy mop for a career in the hip-hop record business. Calling himself 1 Da Bred, he's a record mogul in his own demented brain. Mopping the office of his boss, Culton takes over his office while the receptionist is busy talking to her friends. Meanwhile, ultra-sexy Kara Kane, bitchy hip hop dancer, shows up for an audition with the CEO. She doesn't know he's out and 1 has taken over his office. 1 talks his way into her booty shorts and his cock into her mouth, pussy and stretchable anal tunnel. She wastes no time eating his cock because a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get ahead and give head. 1 fucks her butthole on his, er...the boss', desk until her anal tightness detonates his cum load. He squirts his goo in and on Kara's tush-hole, then lies to her that she's got the position. The way 1 is going, he'll wind up in a landfill. Hey, not our problem!

Kara Auditions For A Dancing Job Kara Auditions For A Dancing Job

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Bikini Party Girl Drinks Cum
2010-Jun-21 14:30

Bootylicious: 17:26 Minute Video of Giselle Humes

Gislle Humes is one of those gorgeous, in-demand babes who doesn't want to be anything more than a fuck-toy for the horny man. Her face is flawless, her ass incredible, her body smokin'. No one can keep their fingers off her, especially off her butt. In this nearly wordless video, Giselle does everything her booty-call of the afternoon wants her to do, end of discussion. It's wall-to-wall sucking and fucking. Male power is what motivates Giselle. Her Latin background dictates that the "popi chulo" banging her brains out is the boss. The first time she was fucked was in her mom's house. "The guy was five years older than me and it hurt like hell," she told us. Giselle doesn't make romantic, lovey-dovey video crap for couples. She likes to make videos with hard men fucking the hell out of her beautiful bikini bod for hard guys at home so they can bust a few nuts, alleviating the stresses of the day, and then go to sleep. After seeing this, we can say, "Mission Accomplished!"

Bikini Party Girl Drinks Cum Bikini Party Girl Drinks Cum

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Stroker Face
2010-Jun-18 14:30

SCORE: 11:34 Minute Video of Candy Manson

If she walks like a slut and talks like a slut, majority thinking might assume that she is a slut! That's not always true but for Candy Manson, it is true! And even better, she enjoys being the slut for the satisfaction of every man who's interested in sluttiness. She has a sexy body, big tits and a real fuck face. Yes, a fuck face. When you look at a fuck face, you're looking at a girl who thinks about sex constantly. Not every horny girl or porn star has a fuck face. Some girls with fuck faces like Candy become porn stars because they can get all the no-strings fucking and all the new cocks they want without all that tedious relationship junk and make a living at it. Candy Manson is one of these fuck faced porn stars. "I always knew I wanted to do it, and it was just a matter of time," Candy told SCORE's dedicated editors. "I love having sex with boys with big cocks, and being in porn gives me the chance to have all the sex I want with boys with big cocks." Candy's cock provider asks her for three good reasons why she gives a good hands-on tug-job. Candy answers with three of the best possible reasons! We can't describe it in words. Let Candy yank it out herself.

Stroker Face Stroker Face

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Boob Plate Special With Hair Pie On The Side
2010-Jun-17 14:30

40 Something: 17:21 Minute Video of Joclyn Stone

Randy mom Joclyn Stone has developed a MILF crush on her son's pal. While he's away from home, she feeds his bud lunch in her kitchen. She catches him checking out her past-40 body in a way that Wally never behaved with Mrs. Cleaver. Leave it to beaver. Specifically, Mrs. Stone's beaver. Her sex motor clicks on and wets her cunt. She hits on him and he hits her back. She offers him nipples to lick, then drops to her knees right there in the kitchen and starts sucking on his sausage. It's his turn to feed her! Feed her his fucking fuck-stick! Joclyn has a round ass and big jugs, and a very hairy pussy. She does have a beaver! She stands and turns around so she get banged from behind. Joclyn's hot daydreams have come true and the reality is even better for her. She suggests they get more comfortable in the living so they can really ramp up the pussy pumping. This is the afternoon that Joclyn gets the fucking shit fucked out of her. She's been up for a nasty screwing this afternoon and now she's going to get it. No romantic poop for her! He has something else he wants to feed this cock-starved homemaker. A steaming jizz fizz!

Boob Plate Special With Hair Pie On The Side Boob Plate Special With Hair Pie On The Side

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Cali in Voluptuous Xtra 3
2010-Jun-16 14:30

Voluptuous: 13:07 Minute Video of Cali

Voluptuous Classics presents Cali from the movie Voluptuous Xtra 3 as a nurse with healing hands. And healing mouth. Healing cleavage. Healing pussy. She has a special way of taking a patient's temperature. That's why she called the head nurse. Including hookers and massage-parlor girls, nurses are the only other women you don't know on a personal basis who can wash your penis and balls. Which is why hospital stays are so expensive. What's extra-interesting about Cali is that when she first sponge bathes and sucks on this dude's cock, he's unconscious. She's a go-getter! So who needs an alarm clock? Cali is still modeling these days. She's stayed dedicated and remains passionate about showing her tits off to the world. This video took place at the original hooter hospital. Nurse Cali's patient has a new lease on life after shoving his cock into her subservient pussy and having a semen sample extracted. If only all nurses could be as dedicated as Cali. This country's health care crisis could be eradicated.

Cali in Voluptuous Xtra 3 Cali in Voluptuous Xtra 3

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Miami Beach Lingerie Model Meets Dr. Wang
2010-Jun-15 14:30

SCORE: 22:30 Minute Video of Kitana Flores

Kitana Flores is a South Beach lingerie and bikini model. You first met her at SCOREVideos on May 6th, '10 and in a short SCORELAND BLOG video. Her first video was a blazing hot solo. Well, guess what? Kitana decided not to keep SCORE Men waiting for too long to see her do some pole dancing. She drives in the fast lane and she fucks in the fast lane too. But first, before she meets Dr. Wang and plays with his tongue depressor, Kitana wants to put on a little show, a bra and panties modeling session. As we've pointed out the first time, Kitana Flores is a smokin' hot Puerto Rican chick with a beautiful bod and face, and big, firm, young tits. If Kitana stays in the game, she can be a big name. Dr. Wang usually doesn't make house calls but he makes exceptions for girls who give great, sloppy blowjobs. Kitana wastes no time getting down to the base of his shaft and then onto some sizzling hot pole dancing. And that's why your dad told you to become a doctor.

Miami Beach Lingerie Model Meets Dr. Wang Miami Beach Lingerie Model Meets Dr. Wang

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Carmen Hayes: Busty Pole Worker
2010-Jun-14 14:30

SCORE: 22:20 Minute Video of Carmen Hayes

She's not a firefighter but ultra-flexible Carmen Hayes has enough pole sliding practice to be one. The busty stripper gets a customer so worked up by her body shaking skills and huge jiggling tits that he loses his mind. Carmen decides to help him lose a load while he's still there. She meets him in the VIP room and after a couch dance, he fucks the hell out of her pussy in numerous positions. Please also observe the greatness of Carmen's blow jobs. Sloppy, drooling deep throat action of the best kind. Carmen does not go halfway. She goes as far south on the mark's pole as she does on the stage pole. It's a shame that the yearly adult awards show in Vegas does not honor her with a best cocksucking award. If all strippers could be like Carmen Hayes, the world would be a much better place. Carmen, we salute you!

Carmen Hayes: Busty Pole Worker Carmen Hayes: Busty Pole Worker

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How To Pull A Pud By Holly Halston
2010-Jun-11 14:30

SCORE: 18:04 Minute Video of Holly Halston

And now we come to one of the all-time nastiest, filthiest and sluttiest busty little sluts in all of SCORE, and incidentally a very nice lady, Holly Halston. A woman who gave up her tight asshole to extramarital schlongs just for SCORE in the movie My Wife Your Meat. Leave things in Holly's hands for this private jerk and tit-fucking party. You'll be glad you came. On her. Holly's got just the right grip on the situation. She always does! She has one of the dirtiest mouths in all of porndom. And the best palms. It's always a pleasure to listen to Holly's non-stop torrent of smutty-tongue chatter. The same tongue that licks up all the spilled jizz.

How To Pull A Pud By Holly Halston How To Pull A Pud By Holly Halston

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Sticky Deals At Hooker Motel
2010-Jun-10 14:30

BootyLicious: 20:13 Minute Video of Millian Blu

Millian Blu is not looking for someone to take her away from all of this. She likes fucking and sucking strange dudes in motels. Why would she want to give it up? She likes being a part of the nasty bad girls club. Anything else is boring. Her date of the day gets an eyeful of her ass-shaking and bouncing skills before she puts his dick in a slurping lip-lock. Then she mounts up for a dirty, hard ride on his greasy cock. Millian is chatty too with a cock slamming in and out. She curses and talks dirty in her sex-kitten voice asking for more dick and finally for a load to be sprayed all over her. She knows she's a slut and she's proud of it. Wherever she is right now, you can bet she's going to get fucked before the night is over.

Sticky Deals At Hooker Motel Sticky Deals At Hooker Motel

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Samantha in Voluptuous Xtra 3
2010-Jun-9 14:30

Voluptuous Classics: 23:42 Minute Video of Samantha

In June 2001, a newcomer named Samantha bestowed her considerable sex talents upon a professional truck driver and part-time porn dude named Warren Piece. (He later fucked Ashley Evans in SCORE Xtra 5, also on Samantha's great, big boff with Mr. Piece became part of the Classic movie Voluptuous Xtra 3. He's not fucking on camera anymore but Samantha has never stopped and today is more popular than ever. Here's an interesting factoid. She's never watched porn herself. Big-titted Samantha explains why. "I don't want to be influenced by anyone else's performances. When you go to a strip club, all the girls dance alike because they all watch each other and pick up each other's moves. If I watched porn, I might pick up on other people's moves, and I don't want to do that. You mimic things even if you don't realize it. When you're a little kid, you mimic the adults around you until you learn things for yourself. It would be the same watching porn."

Samantha in Voluptuous Xtra 3 Samantha in Voluptuous Xtra 3

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Tropic of Titties
2010-Jun-8 14:30

Voluptuous: 10:09 Minute Video of Terry Nova

Nothing beats a cool, refreshing splash of coconut milk over a huge pair of swaying tits and Terry Nova will agree with you. It's a lot better than freezing her tits off in the cold back in Prague! Terry was really at home here. "I would rather spend my time half naked on a beach in the tropics than have to go out during the fall and winter at home," Terry said through a translator. She was definitely born to be a busty island girl, romping through the surf and playing with her coconuts!

Tropic of Titties Tropic of Titties

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Cowgirl Cock Round-Up
2010-Jun-7 14:30

SCORE: 12:49 Minute Video of Sarah Sunshine

Yee haw! Sarah Sunshine came all the way from Tennessee to make big boners shoot their ball bullets and she aims to please. Country girls who love longhorns are A-okay in our book! She loves to hunt, fish, ride her motorcycle, go camping and hiking and work on her truck. And, oh yeah, she likes to jack cocks off and make a gooey mess on her famous chest. Sarah's as good lassoing a horndog as she is roping her big 32F tits. In a cinematic first, the Tennessee titty twirler pours honey on your dick before she strokes and boob-bangs it with care and lots of love until you spurt like an oil gusher.

Cowgirl Cock Round-Up Cowgirl Cock Round-Up

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